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It seems as though bathrooms should have been made to withstand wetness for twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  And that would actually be the case if your bathroom happened to live in a vacuum.  But the truth is, that microorganisms like bacteria and mold will thrive in dark and damp environments and there is not always a way to make sure your plumbing stays aired out and dry enough, especially when the weather turns humid, steamy, or rainy.  We can take extra precautionary measures like incorporating squeegee tools into your post shower routine, but chances are, you have neglected the beginning stages of water damage.

In addition to water damage that comes from neglecting regular maintenance, you should definitely be on the look out for water-related emergencies.  Severe weather and floods are prime examples, and counter-intuitively it is not just the water but the debris in the water also that causes major problems and headaches for homeowners.  There is no telling what kind of dirty and unsanitary things were laying on the ground outside that had gotten swept up by the water outside, and then taken into your home.  Things like animal waste can end up getting all over your curtains, carpeting, and walls.   At the end of the day, it is obvious that just vacuuming and cleaning yourself probably will not be enough to get your house back to the way it was before water damage took hold.

So give Edison’s Water Damage Restoration a try to take care of all the various aspects that go into repairing and recovering in the aftermath of severe weather, emergency situations, and issues from dampness in your home.  Our menu of great services include but are not limited to mold/mildew treatment, upholstery cleaning, floor cleaning (both carpeting and hard flooring,) sewage backup cleaning, home sanitation, and bio hazard cleaning services.  There is never a need to get overwhelmed by all of the different issues you need to tackle or the extend of our service menu, when you give our dedicated and friendly office staff a call, you can get a free, no-obligation estimate.

Especially when it comes to sewer treatment and sewer line repairs, there is no way that you can wait until the next day to resolve the problem.  The homeowner is the person who is mainly responsible for getting repairs done right away when a breakage or leak could mean raw sewage that will not just negatively affect your home, it also has a negative impact on your neighbors.  Contrary to popular belief, plumbing codes are not like guidelines among just the plumbers; it is the rules and regulations of standards that are enforced by the city, state, or county.

Our affordable local plumbers and water damage restoration experts have the years of experience to help you get the hardest job out of the way during the frustration process of recovering after water damages your home or business.  Even for a smaller residential plumbing service job, we will still have great attention to detail and efficiency.  No matter what job, big or small, Edison’s Water Damage Restoration is the company to call.